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Earn VELO rewards every time you commute with our mobility partners, then redeem those rewards to save money on your next trip

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Rewards on Velocia

Earn Rewards

Discover new and fun ways to move around your city and earn rewards each time you ride with one of our mobility partners

Redeems on Velocia

Redeem and Save

Redeem your VELOS for money off your next trip and spend your savings on the other good things in life

Greener City with Velocia

Greener Cities

Move in ways that helps your city get cars off the road and reduce carbon emissions

The Velocia Ecosystem

We partner with public transit, Mobility as a Service providers and companies to reward your daily commute

  • Miamidade
  • Bolt
  • Brightline
  • Citibike
  • Dashee
  • GetAround
  • Swiftseat
  • Pacific National Bank
  • Panorama

How Velocia Works

How it Works - Connect


Get started and earn rewards for connecting your mobility apps to Velocia

How it Works - Collect


Earn VELOS as you move. Whether you use public transit, car-share, scooters or bikes it’s time to get rewarded

How it Works - Redeem


Use your VELOS for discounts on your next trip with Citibike, Bolt, Getaround, Lyft, Uber and more

Velocia In Your Own Words

Testimonials - Quotes
  • “I love Velocia, because it challenges your mobility in both fun and unique ways, whether I am sharing a ride, peddling on a bike, or walking...each activity is exciting and easy to do while earning points. To me, it’s the best mobility challenge I’ve seen so far.”

    Mobility Bike


  • “I am a active and proud user of the app! It allows me to help the community and they continue to add new features that help with my commute - it’s beyond amazing!!”

    Mobility Bus


  • “I absolutely love Velocia! It’s super simple to set up and earn velos.”

    Mobility Scooter


  • “I enjoy using Velocia for a myriad of reasons but primarily since I use Miami-Dade transit services and walking to get to work everyday I automatically accrue Velos that I can then redeem for Lyft and Uber credits through the rewards system when I wish to utilize ride-sharing services.”

    Mobility Bus


  • “As I’ve been walking more on the beach, and will be able to commute easily around here on my bike, this app actually rewards you super well for active transportation! In exchange for answering some simple daily surveys, they also give points which can be redeemed for credits from Lyft, etc. I’ve collected a good amount of ride credits so far, and right now that’s incredibly beneficial for my slim budget!”

    Mobility Motor Scooter


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