A loyalty platform to reward smart mobility choices

Get rewarded for your daily commute and redeem across some of your favorite mobility services
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How does it work?


How do you get around?
Whether you use a car-share, bike share or a transit app, it's time to get rewarded.


Rewards that move with you.
Pair all of your favorite commuter apps for instant earnings and track all of your activity.


Earn as fast as you move.
The more you commute, the more you earn for discounts on your favorite modes of transportation.

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Mobility Campaigns

Check out the latest offers from your favorite Mobility as a Service apps!

Redemption Offers

Redeem your VELOS so your next commute is free!

360° Mobility Data

Track and Own your mobility data.
See how you actually get around the city.

VELO Token

Earn, Collect & Redeem VELOS in the Velocia ecosystem. We are the new "miles" for urban mobility.

Latest News
Latest News

Data & Blockchain

Path to decentralization

Data & Blockchain

Velocia provides you with a 360 degree view of how you get around the city! For the first time, understand where you go, what types of mobility services you use, how often  you use them and how much money you spend on each service.  In partnership with the AION Network, Velocia is travelling down the path of decentralization and data sovereignty. Velocia brings data ownership back to the people creating it (you!) establishing a more secure, fair and rewarding economy. More to come about this exciting journey!

About Velocia

We have over 5 years of experience in building mobility applications. We started in 2013 with BlancRide, a carpooling platform launched in Toronto, Canada. We learned from our experiences and launched Nekso, a taxi-hailing platform in Latin America. Now, the team that built both, along with a few new great additions, is turning their attention to Velocia, where loyalty, mobility and blockchain converge.

Meet the Team